2013 our Queen at river rhine got her crown: the Tuba 16'-8'-4'


The aim was to build an authentic Binns Tuba. For this purpose Oliver Schulte and Sonja Füßmann went to England and met their colleague David Wood of Huddersfield. David managed to get access to one of the last remaining Binns Tubas in the organ in Rochdale Town Hall.  
Measures were taken, fotos and records were made. Due to their netweork to the UK they could get with Terry Shires (pipe builder) und David Frostick (voicer) two expert for cooperation. 

The final result could be heard on the GDO (Gesellschaft der Orgelfreunde) convention in 2013. It has been said that this may be the "most english Tuba in Germany". The official inauguration was on Sept 15th 2013.

All pipes are spotted metal, wind pressure is 410mm.

Fotos in the gallery...